Myambutol (ethambutol hydrochloride)
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Product description: Myambutol is an antibiotic which is used to treat tuberculosis by stopping the growth of bacteria.
Active Ingredient: ethambutol hydrochloride
Myambutol as known as: Combutol, Dexambutol, Sural, Santibi, Etapiam, Pharex ethambutol, Etibi, Etambutol, Tibutol, Ethambutolum, Bacbutol, Macox, Emb-fatol, Turresis, Themibutol, Mycobutol, Phthizoetham, Miambutol, Ebutol, Ecox, Rimstar, Althocin, Esanbutol, Rifafour, Corsabutol, Oributol, Tibitol, Servambutol, Fiambutol, Pulna, Apo-ethambutol, Niazitol, Amiobutols, Ethambutolo, Etham

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